About Us —

“KAUNAS LT” born with one common idea – passion for the beer. Never have we been beer producers, thus, we were forced to show our love in a different way. Our business became nothing else but beer kegs. We have successfully imported them from all over the globe then in our hometown Kaunas we restored and resurrected them for a new life. Later, they left us again for foreign countries. We acknowledge that for the beer crafter the keg is a crucial tool and after years spent with kegs, we have a desire to help. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that there is no more need to care about the kegs? What if you would always be sure to know that the kegs are always available for you and you no longer need to purchase them? Be assured that they are always ready to be used independently of where you or your clients are? To understand that there is no more need to allocate great finances in order to purchase them? Our company believes that there should little to none obstacles in letting beer crafters to produce beer, therefore, we want to share the experience that we gathered throughout the years and present you with beer kegs that would be ready. We want to rent you our kegs so that they be used for one thing that unites us all – love for the beer.

How does it work? —

1 Step

Choose your desired kegs, their filling system and quantity.

2 Ste

Shortly you will be presented with a personal offer with a fixed monthly rate.

3 Step

The kegs will then be delivered to your location.

4 Step

If desired, after the keg is used we will collect them, wash them, and they will again be at your doorstep ready to be used.